Examination of materials, substances and products

Espertiza materials, substances and products

  1. Research of alcohol-containing mixtures

The following types of alcohol-containing liquids are investigated within this specialty:

Rectified ethyl alcohol. Raw ethyl alcohol.
Vodka and vodka special.
Alcoholic beverage.
Water-alcohol solutions.
Unidentified alcohol mixtures
The scooter.

In the research process, the following issues are resolved:

Do you have an analysis of liquids containing ethyl alcohol in the examination of an capacitance or on the surface of an object (on clothes, paper).
Does it contain a test liquid ethyl alcohol?
Are the liquid requirements given on the research?
Does it contain the analysis of fluid denatruing supplements?
Is the liquid in the given bottle responsible for the characteristics of the beverage indicated on the label?
Industrial or homemade method made alcohol-based liquid?
Do the samples of alcohol-containing liquids presented on the research have the common Generic (group) affiliation?

2. Research of chemical production substances and special chemicals

The study of special chemical substances-phosphor is conducted within this specialty.

In the research process, the following issues are resolved:

Are represented in the research subjects (money, material values, garments, washed away from the hands or objects surfaces) layers of special chemical substance (phosphor). If so, whether they have common generic  Special chemical substances provided for comparison?