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 The main tasks of examination of computer equipment and software products include:

  • Setting the working state of computer-technical means;
  • Establishing the circumstances related to the use of computer-hardware, information and software;
  • Identifying information and software contained on computer media;
  • Determine the conformity of the software to specific versions or requirements for its development.
  • The indicative list of resolved issues:
    • Does this media contain information about (to indicate what information is interested in) and in what form?
    • Does the media contain the computer's information about the specific (specify which) user actions?
    • Is the investigated drive subjected to certain procedures in order to destroy information?
    • Could the specified information be created on this computer or was transferred from another carrier?
    • How does the information (specify exactly) be transferred to the investigated computer (media)?
    • What is the technology and timeline of electronic document creation (indicate electronic document and certain content)?
    • What attributes (when printing, editing, creating, deleting, etc.) files containing information about... (Table of Contents)?
    • Does the computer contain a mass storage device (to indicate what is installed, not installed) software?
    • What functional faults have this computer hardware or its individual components and devices and how these failures affect the operation of the equipment in general?
    • Is it possible to perform certain actions with this SOFTWARE PRODUCT?
    • Is it possible to solve a particular problem with this software?

    For the study of information contained on computer media, the expert is provided with the computer media itself, and if necessary, a computer unit (a complex of computer means, which includes the investigated media)
    They are provided in separate packages for preservation of the information carriers that are provided for research. System units of personal computers are provided in packages that make it impossible access to media information directly or to connect the system unit to a power supply network.

    To study the working condition of computer-technical means, the expert is provided with these computer-technical facilities, as well as technical documentation for them.

  • In order to determine which objects should be provided to an expert in each specific case, as well as to select them for research, it is advisable to get advice from an expert in the field of computer technology.